Shorty Roc & Kin4Life are “defying stereotypes”

by BCG Reporters

Out hip hop artists Shorty Roc and Kin4Life were featured in a recent airing of the televised docu-seriesIn The Life. The episode, titled “Defying Stereotypes,” focused on the lack of fair and accurate representations of LGBT people in the media serving as a leading cause of homophobia.

Rapper Shorty Roc and Kin4Life members IQ and Nor share their inspirational stories of coming out to their respective families as well as their experiences and take on being out artists in the music industry.

“For a gay artist like myself or anybody else, I think it really boils down to society and the media and the whole entertainment industry thinking that it will work and that it’s marketable ’cause it’s all about money when it really boils down to it,” explained Shorty Roc.

“It’s about social awareness,” stated Nor. “Everybody in the world, no matter you’re a rapper, a priest, a doctor, you need to know about gay people, that it exist, that it’s okay, that it’s not a choice.”

via BGG
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