Independent Gay films

CINEMAROSA is an independent program that fosters the integration of diverse LGBT communities through the creation of cultural film media programs where Queer Artists can present their works and speak about their experiences with the audience. Though CINEMAROSA encourages Queer Media Creators to become active in the artistic movement of the NYC area, it does not exclude any other person working on issues and themes that relate to the LGBT experiences.

As events get organized, the goal is to reach the disperse LGBT communities of Queens and beyond, and to educate the general public with material that best reflect a positive attitude towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.


CINEMAROSA is a film/video showcase series that presents monthly screenings of fiction and documentary works dealing with issues related to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities. The program brings to the community of Queens an array of Queer Independent Cinema and gives an opportunity to meet the makers of such powerful fiction and non-fiction works that best portray aspects of LGBT lives.

Created by Hector Canonge, a New York based Film/Video New Media Maker; CINEMAROSA was launched, as an independent initiative in May 2004 with screenings and panel discussions that took place at Queens Pride House in Woodside, and in Jackson Heights during the Queens Queer Cultural Festival, at Natives Theater. After its second season CINEMAROSA, outgrew the space of its hosting venue in Woodside and moved its monthly screenings to the Auditorium of the Queens Museum of Art. As part of its mission, CINEMAROSA co-produced events like Queerin’ Queens, an annual LGBT celebration organized by the Queens Museum of Art and publishes PiNK an online e-newsletter, dedicated to review cinema, music, books, and performing arts catered to LGBT audiences.

Visit CIMENAROSA’s website to view their calendar of upcoming showings.

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